Software Engineer II

Creditas - 09/2019 to Present

At Creditas, I'm part of the communications team, responsible to develop and maintain a platform to help other teams reach our customers through phone calls, e-mails, SMS, Push Notifications and WhatsApp messages.
To make this possible, we integrate with third-party solutions and create RESTful APIs for other teams at Creditas to consume.
Some of the technologies used to deliver this experience are Python (+ Flask), Kotlin (+ Spring Boot), PostgreSQL, Kafka, AWS and Celery.

Software Developer

Wirecard Brasil - 06/2017 to 05/2019

While working at Wirecard Brasil, I was part of the payouts team, developing and maintaining bank account transfers, and developing the bill payments system, with over R$ 1 million in paid bills in the first 3 months.
The technologies used to achieve these results included Java and Kotlin (+Spring Boot), Ruby (+ Rails), MySQL, Redis, Kafka and RabbitMQ.

Java Developer

Mineplex - 04/2016 to 05/2017

Mineplex creates proprietary third-party gaming software and server development for Minecraft. I was part of the team who helped to maintain and create in-game visual effects and utilities.
I was also part of the team responsible for developing a monthly subscription service that rewards subscribed players with a unique item every month.
To achieve this, the team used Java (+Bukkit Framework) and MySQL.

Java Developer

Hypixel - 12/2014 to 04/2015

Hypixel is the largest Minecraft network, and the creators of the Hytale game and the Hypixel Studios, acquired by Riot Games in 2020.
At Hypixel, I worked in a team responsible for the development and launching of mini-games, such as UHC Champions.
Java (+Bukkit Framework) and MongoDB were used to develop these mini-games.


Faker Ruby

Faker is a Ruby library for generating fake data, such as names, addresses, and phone numbers.
I'm part of the core contributors team, with contributions including translations, new generators and bug fixes, as well as reviewing other's codes.

Fuel Kotlin

Fuel is a Kotlin HTTP framework. It includes HTTP requests in a fluent style interface, asynchronous and blocking requests, uploading files and more.
My contributions include adding new methods to send objects as request bodies, and reviewing other's codes.


System Analysis and Development

FIAP - 01/2017 to 12/2018

This 2-year Technologist Degree has its emphasis placed on practical application of techniques toward the development of business applications.
Through this course, I discovered how to design, develop and maintain softwares and evaluate and design databases, as well as the development best practices.
At the end of the program, I had developed along with my team a Health Tracking application, which included developing a full-stack application, designing and implementing a database and deploying through Heroku.


Feature Flags and controlled releases

How to be agile and implement continuous delivery with quality and security?
In this talk, me and Eduardo Colabardini present how to enable and disable features, products and pieces of code using feature flags. We also show the best practices and challenges we faced at Wirecard Brasil, using an open-source tool called IfMan, developed during a Hackday.
This talk was given at The Developers Conference - São Paulo, in July 2018.